Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful art.
The most fantastic part is that EVERYBODY can do it! I know….I didn’t believe it either until I had my first workshop. Using the Zentangle method can help you in a lot of ways like relaxation, self-esteem issues, stress relieve and insomnia. Just join the Zentangle basic workshop and all will be revealed to you.

Believe me when I say:
“Everything is possible, one stroke at the time! “From the moment I had my first workshop from the founders of the Zentangle method, I was hooked. In June 2015 I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I love to teach the Zentangle Method and give people this wonderful experience. I love experimenting with colors and materials. Spirograph is one of the tools I love to use as well. In the beginning of January 2016 I started a group on Facebook, Spirograph Art (Spiro-Art).
If your interested, please join. For more information about the Zentangle Method you can visit http://www.zentangle.com